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Die Familie Heydrich. S eit 1941 lebte Reinhard Heydrich mit seiner Frau Lina und den Kindern Klaus, Heider und Silke auf dem Schloss des Landsitzes Junfern-Breschan bei Prag. Das Schloss hatte. Some info about Reinhard Heydrich family: Father: Bruno Heydrich Reinhard Heydrich Married to: Lina von Osten Children: Klaus, born 1933, Died in traffic accident 1943 Heider, born 1934 Silke, born 9.4.1939 Marte, born 1942 Siblings to Reinhard Heydrich: Maria Heydrich Heinz Heydrich Lina Mathilde Manninen (née von Osten, formerly Heydrich; 14 June 1911 - 14 August 1985) was the wife of Reinhard Heydrich, head of the Reich Security Main Office and a central figure in Nazi Germany.The daughter of a minor German aristocrat (he worked as a village schoolteacher), she joined the Nazi Party in 1929 and met Reinhard Heydrich in December 1930 Heinz Heydrich. Lina Mathilde von Osten, the daughter of a schoolteacher, was born in Fehmarn , Germany , on 14th June, Lina met Reinhard Heydrich on 6th December, The couple quickly fell in love but at the time Heydrich was seeing other women. According to his friend, Walter Schellenberg , Heydrich's only weakness was his ungovernable sexual.

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  1. Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich (/ ˈ h aɪ d r ɪ k /; German: [ˈʁaɪnhaʁt ˈtʁɪstan ˈɔʏɡn̩ ˈhaɪdʁɪç] (); 7 March 1904 - 4 June 1942) was a high-ranking German SS and police official during the Nazi era and a principal architect of the Holocaust.He was chief of the Reich Security Main Office (including the Gestapo, Kripo, and SD).He was also Stellvertretender Reichsprotektor.
  2. entní nacista, blízký spolupracovník Heinricha Himmlera, SS-Obergruppenführer a generál policie, šéf Hlavního úřadu říšské bezpečnosti (RSHA) a Bezpečnostní služby (SD), prezident Interpolu v letech 1940-1942, v letech 1941-1942 zastupující říšský protektor.
  3. Leben Kindheit und Jugend. Heydrichs Mutter Elisabeth Krantz (1871-1946) stammte aus einer wohlhabenden Familie und war die Tochter des Leiters des Königlichen Konservatoriums in Dresden, Eugen Krantz.Sein Vater Bruno Heydrich (1865-1938) kam aus ärmlichen Verhältnissen, brachte es aber nach einer durch ein Stipendium finanzierten Ausbildung in Komposition und Gesang am Königlichen.
  4. Heidrich ist der Familienname folgender Personen: Adrian Heidrich (* 1994), Schweizer Beachvolleyballspieler. Arnošt Heidrich (1889-1968), tschechischer Diplomat und Außenpolitiker. Arthur Heidrich (1900-1936), deutscher Widerstandskämpfer. Christian Heidrich (* 1960), deutscher Theologe und Publizist
  5. Reinhard Heydrich est un SS-Obergruppenführer [a] allemand, responsable nazi de crimes de guerre et de crimes contre l'humanité, né le 7 mars 1904 à Halle et mort de ses blessures à la suite d'un attentat le 4 juin 1942 à Prague (protectorat de Bohême-Moravie [b]).Au moment de sa mort, il est à la fois le directeur du Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA) et le « vice-gouverneur » du.

Im April 1942 bezog Reinhard Heydrich mit seiner Familie das Schloss. Reinhard Heydrich gilt für zahlreiche Kriegsverbrechen verantwortlich und war der eigentliche Organisator des Holocaust. 1942 starb er an den Folgen eines Attentats Almost certainly Yes. I can't find out how they're doing right now but Heydrich and his wife Lina had four children - Klaus (who died in a 1943 traffic accident), Heider, Silke, Marte. I believe that the last three kids are still alive I chose the..

Reynard Heydrich lived in the lower castle and his family continued to live there until the Red Army forced them out in 1945 Assassinated by a Czech commando squad trained in Britain in 1942, his. Mar 3, 2017 - Explore Sabine Hollmann's board heydrich familie on Pinterest. See more ideas about wwii, history, hitler Biografie Jeugd. Heydrichs moeder, Elisabeth Maria Anna Amalia Kranz, stamde uit een welgestelde familie en was de dochter van de directeur van het Koninklijk Conservatorium in Dresden.Zijn vader, Richard Bruno Heydrich, was operazanger en componist.Bruno Heydrichs opera's, in de stijl van Richard Wagner, werden in Keulen en Leipzig opgevoerd. Succes bleef echter uit Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich (7 March 1904 - 4 June 1942) was a high-ranking German Nazi official during World War II, and one of the main architects of the Holocaust. He was SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Polizei (Senior Group Leader and Chief of Police) as well as chief of the Reich Main Security Office (including the Gestapo.

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Family portrait of Reinhard Heydrich, his wife Lina, and their daughter Silke, all of whom sit on the floor. Text at the top reads Lina, Reinhart Heydrich, and their children, which is contradictory to the sole child appearing in the image. An individual portrait of Reinhard Heydrich [FHM 2002.001.035] is also part of the Perpetrators series Heydrich's father, who directed a musical conservatory and sang Wagnerian roles in the opera, exposed his son to the cult of Richard Wagner, and his mother was a stern disciplinarian; the family was falsely suspected of partial Jewish ancestry. Heydrich joined a Freikorps paramilitary unit in 1919 and entered the German navy in 1922. Although his father was a nationalist, none of the family had any political affiliations until after WWI when civil unrest broke out at home. In 1918, when Heydrich was 15, his hometown of Halle was caught up in a political battle conflict between communist and anti-communist groups Lina Heydrich. Lina Mathilde von Osten, the daughter of a schoolteacher, was born in Fehmarn, Germany, on 14th June, 1911.According to Richard Evans, the author of The Third Reich in Power (2005), Lina held strong Nazi convictions and had family connections with the SS chief in Munich. (1) This was Karl von Eberstein Reinhard Heydrich was born on month day 1904, at birth place, to Bruno Heydrich and Elisabeth Heydrich. Reinhard had 2 siblings: Maria Barthel and one other sibling . Reinhard married Lina von Osten on month day 1931, at age 27 at marriage place

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  1. Heidrich Family History Heidrich Name Meaning German and Dutch: from the medieval personal name Heidrich, which is in some instances a variant of Heinrich (see Henry) with Heidenrich as an intermediary form (see Heidenreich) or is composed of the elements haidu 'appearance', 'personality' + rih 'power', 'rule'
  2. Ancient and noble German family, of clear and ancestral virtue, known as Heydrich or Heidrich, a branch of which moved to Cuba in the XIX century with Fernando Heydrich of Wuppertal (January 26, 1827 - April 1, 1903), businessman, politician, engineer and sculptor
  3. Heinz Heydrich is buried in the Soldatenfriedhof (soldiers cemetery) Riesenburg, according to the Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt). Family. Heinz Heydrich had five children. His oldest, Peter Thomas Heydrich (1931-2003), was a well-known German cabaret singer, and wrote a book about his childhood, father, and uncle
  4. The Heydrich family lived for a very long time in Castle Heydrich, in Mortvania, not far from Leverhelven. At the time of the Vault of the Vampire (book), the family is composed of Count Reiner Heydrich, that became Count after the death of his elder brother Siegfried Heydrich, his cousin Wilhelm Heydrich, affected by madness, Gunthar Heydrich, a healer, and the beautiful butcapricious and.
  5. Heider Heydrich, however, has caused controversy, when in 2012, he requested planning permission to restore the country lodge, where his family had once lived during the early years of the last war. It seems Herr Heydrich offered to acquire finances in the future restoration of the chateau through EU banking assistance
  6. Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich was born on March 7, 1904, in Halle an der Saale, to Elisabeth Anna Maria Amalia Heydrich and Richard Bruno Heydrich. His father founded the Halle Conservatory of Music, Theatre, and Teaching, and his mother taught piano there

Familie * 07.03.1904 um 10:30 Uhr (einige Quellen geben 09:30 Uhr an) in Halle an der Saale Marienstraße 21 Im Halleschen Central-Anzeiger vom 10. März gaben hocherfreut Bruno Heydrich, der Leiter des örtlichen Konservatoriums, und seine Frau Elisabeth, Tochter des Dresdner Musikprofessors Georg Eugen Krantz, die glückliche Geburt eines überaus kraftvollen, gesunden Jungen bekannt Apr 25, 2015 · Reinhard Heydrich (named the Butcher of Prague) fathered three children by his wife, Lina, all born in Berlin. (There were later rumours, it seems, of another daughter by his mistress.) The eldest Heydrich child was Klaus, who would be tragically killed in an accident outside of the family country estate at Breschan nr Lina Heydrich delivered two kids, Klaus (brought into the world 17 June 1933) and Heider (brought into the world 23 December 1934). By the last piece of the 1930s, the commitments of Reinhard Heydrich drove him to work broadened timeframes and routinely be away from home. This left Lina at home with the youths and running the family alone ---- Heydrich was womanizer, but never, to my knowledge brutalized any women There is a lot of unpublished letters and family information in an archive/collection in the US but unless someone interested in a book has the money to put up to buy what I will guess is an expensive gathering of information then we will never know what it contains.. Heinrich Himmler's Descendant who Defied her Family's Nazi Legacy. WORLD WAR II. May 12, 2019 Christian Oord, Guest Author. Photo: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-R99621 / CC-BY-SA 3.0. The family considered him the nice uncle, said Katrin Himmler during an interview with the Neu Westfälischer newspaper in 2010. She shares a surname with the.

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Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich (født 7. mars 1904 i Halle, død 4. juni 1942 i Praha) var en offiser i Schutzstaffel (SS) og sjef for Reichs­sich­er­heits­haupt­amt fra opprettelsen i 1939 til sin død. Han ble også kjent som «den blonde Moses», «slakteren fra Praha», «det blonde udyret» og «der Henker» (Henker er tysk for en bøddel som henretter ved hengning) Heydrich, Reinhard Tristan Eugen, born on 07-03-1904 in Halle an der Saale, to composer Richard Bruno Heydrich and his wife Elisabeth Anna Maria Amalia Kranz, who got three chidren. Marie born in 1901, Reinhard born 1904 and Heinz Siegfried, born 1905 Create a free family tree for yourself or for Adam Heydrich and we'll search for valuable new information for you. Get started Geni World Family Tree. Johann Heydrich 1654 1730 Johann Adam Heydrich, 1654 - 1730. Johann, Adam Heydrich was born on month day 1654, at birth place, to Goedtmann Heydrich and Margaretha Heydrich

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  1. Robert Gerwarth: Die Familie Heydrich war in den Jahren vom Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts bis zum Ersten Weltkrieg vom sozialen Aufstieg verwöhnt. Heydrichs Eltern hatten aus einer kleinen.
  2. Heydrich Surname (Source: Find A Grave) Family trees and family histories . Heydrich Genealogy 46 persons (Source: WikiTree) Heydrich surname in the OneGreatFamily Tree (Source: One Great Family - free trial available) ($) Libraries, Museums, Archives . Heydrich Family Bibliography (Source: WorldCat) Mailing Lists and Message Board
  3. Son of Reinhard and Lina (née von Osten). Brother of Heider, Silke and Marte. Klaus had been riding his bike with his brother at the family home when he noticed the front gates were open and decided to ride out onto the street, immediately being struck by a truck. He died later that afternoon. Prior to his family..
  4. Reinhard Heydrich was a high-ranking German Nazi official during the World War II. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family life, achievements and other facts about his life
  5. The fact that he was granted an interview in the first place occurred only because a friend of his family misrepresented Heydrich's experience in the Navy as having to do with intelligence, rather than simply being a communications officer. Himmler, immediately taken with Heydrich's Aryan blond-haired, blue-eyed countenance, hired him on.

Kontakte zu Familie Heydrich (Halle) Enthält-Vorsatz: Enthält v.a.: Contains: Glückwunschschreiben von Elisabeth Krantz zum 84. Geburtstag ihres Großvaters Carl Mautsch, 1881.- Tafellied zur Hochzeitsfeier von Bruno Heydrich und Elisabeth Krantz, 1897, wahrscheinlich verfasst von Curt Krantz. A family archive on. Reinhard Heydrich . Welsh author Jean D Vaughan (later Vaughan-Baker) had set out in 1951 to write the first original 'fair, unbiased' book on Heydrich, and offered Lina 50 percent of the royalties; nothing came of their joint endeavors. Lina was one of the few top-level wives and widows whose property the Entnazifierungs-Hauptausschuß ordered restored to her Upcoming Heydrich Family Reunions. Pedigree charts and family group records are important genealogical tools, so bringing or creating on site a big family pedigree (or family tree) is sure to draw attention; at the same time, have plenty of blank family group sheets available for individual families to complete and submit to go into a Heydrich family record book, which you can then digitize.

In brief: Reinhard Heydrich (1904-1942) was second in importance to Heinrich Himmler in the Nazi SS organization. Nicknamed The Blond Beast by the Nazis, and Hangman Heydrich by others, Heydrich had insatiable greed for power and was a cold, calculating manipulator without human compassion who was the leading planner of Hitler's Final Solution in which the Nazis attempted to exterminate. Updated February 18, 2019. Reinhard Heydrich was the high-ranking Nazi official in charge of planning Hitler's Final Solution, which established the framework for the extermination of six million Jews in Europe. His role in the genocide earned him the title of Reich Protector, but to the outside world he became known as Hitler's Hangman The Life of Hans. When Hans Heydrich was born in 1590, in Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany, his father, Hans Andreas Heyderich, was 20 and his mother, Anna Christina Heyderich, was 20. He had at least 2 sons and 2 daughters with Margaretha Drum. He died on 2 August 1667, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, at the age of 77 Tracking down the last car the Butcher of Prague ever drove in is no easy task Reinhard Heydrich got what was coming to him. On May 27, 1942, his car was stopped at a hairpin turn in the Prague neighborhood of Libeň by a man wielding a Sten machine gun. The gun jammed, and as Heydrich got up to shoot the would-be assassin, another man lobbed a hand grenade in his direction, exploding. Heinz Siegfried Heydrich. He was the younger brother of SS General Reinhard Heydrich, the designer of the holocaust. After the death of his brother, Heinz Heydrich helped Jews escape the Holocaust. Cause of death: Suicide because he erroneously thought the Gestapo was looking to arrest him. Heinz is believed to have been born in Halle, Germany.

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  1. Family History. Reinhard Heydrich was born on March 7, 1904, in Halle an der Saale, 20 miles northwest of Leipzig, in the German state of Saxony. He was baptized a Roman Catholic. His father, Bruno Heydrich, was an opera singer. He was the director of the music conservatory in Halle, which he had founded in 1901
  2. Ehepaar Heydrich: Am zweiten Weihnachtstag 1931 heiratete Reinhard Heydrich Lina Mathilde von Osten. Als die beiden sich verlobten, hatte Heydrich noch ein Verhältnis mit der Tochter eines.
  3. Heydrich was a key organiser of Nazi Germany's mass murder of European Jews. He chaired the Wannsee Conference in January 1942, where Hitler's genocidal Final Solution was planned
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The Heydrich family was one of culture and piety. His father, Bruno Richard Heydrich, an exceptionally gifted musician, founded the Halle Conservatory of Music and young Reinhardt was trained as a violinist, a skill that remained with him throughout his lifetime. The Heydrichs were devoutly catholic yet despite the Protestant majority in Halle Killing Hitler's hangman: the dramatic story of Reinhard Heydrich's assassination. In May 1942, two partisans assassinated the reviled Nazi grandee Reinhard Heydrich. For the beleaguered Allies, Heydrich's death was a major coup. But, says Robert Gerwarth, the consequences for countless civilians across occupied Europe were catastrophic.. The Czech Republic remembers the assassination of senior Nazi Reinhard Heydrich 70 years ago and the reprisals which followed, writes the BBC's Rob Cameron, in Prague

The grave of notorious Nazi Gestapo chief Reinhard Heydrich, dubbed 'The Butcher of Prague' and called 'the man with the iron heart' by Adolf Hitler, has been forced open in Berlin Gedenkstein für Heydrich-Attentäter - englische Familie erinnert sich an Kubiš und Gabčík. Länge 5:03. Gedenkstein am Grab der Ellisons (Foto: Archiv der tschechischen Botschaft in London) Download Teilen Der Ort Ightfield liegt mitten in England. Dort, zwischen Liverpool und Birmingham, ist am Sonntag ein Gedenkstein für einen. By Tracy A. Burns. June 4, 1942. When head of Nazi security police and governor of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, Reinhard Heydrich, died 70 years ago, June 4, 1942, due to wounds inflicted by Czech parachutists during an assassination attempt, it marked one of the highlights in the history of Czech resistance and proved a great blow to the Nazi war effort Reinhard Heydrich. Known as The Hangman and The Blond Beast, Reinhard Heydrich (1904-1942) was the chief lieutenant of the German secret police during the Nazi regime. He organized mass executions in occupied countries during the early years of World War II.. Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich was born March 7, 1904, into a Catholic family in the German city of Halle

Von Familie Rommel treffen Sie hier Christine & Norman an. Trube Stube Unsere einfache Stube im Landhotel Traube gelegen: Zusammengehörigkeit steht hier ganz klar im Vordergrund - Einheimische treffen auf Urlaubsgäste, Sportvereine auf Theatergruppen, Jung auf Alt. Ein jeder genießt die gemütliche Atmosphäre rund um den urigen Kachelofen Index to items on Reinhard Heydrich. comments are invited. Photo: Heydrich in Berlin, 1940 Photographs of Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich and the Heydrich family; 1941 Speech: SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich zum Tag der Deutschen Polizei 1941 Oct 1941: Erklärung des Stellvertretenden Reichsprotektors, SS-Obergruppenführer Heydrich, gegenüber der neu eingesetzten Protektoratsregierun Heydrich deltog som jagerflyver i Norge i 1940 og var en tid stationeret i Kristiansand. 13. maj 1940 væltede han med en Messerschmitt-flyvemaskine under starten i Stavanger.Han gav gas for tidligt og blev hjulpet ud af vraget med en skadet venstre arm; flyet måtte kasseres. Onsdag 3. september 1941 rejste han igen til Norge efter invitation af Josef Terboven

When Johann Adam Heydrich was born on 9 July 1654, in Ulmet, Kusel, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, his father, Goedtmann Heyderich, was 38 and his mother, Margaretha Kuehrhirten, was 37. He married Maria Catherina in 1674, in Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany. They were the parents of at least 1 son and 2 daughters Operation Anthropoid was the code name for the assassination attempt on SS-Obergruppenführer and General der Polizei Reinhard Heydrich, head of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt (Reich Main Security Office, RSHA), the combined security services of Nazi Germany, and acting Reichsprotektor of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.[1] The operation was carried out in Prague on 27 May 1942 after. Portrait of German military and political leader and high-ranking Nazi official Reinhard Heydrich , late 1930s or early 1940s. May 1942 Portrait Of Reinhard Heydrich, Ss-Obergruppenfuhrer, General Of Hitler'S Police And Reichsprotektor In Bohemia And Moravia. Reinhard Heydrich SS-Obergruppenfuhrer, chief of the Reich Security Main Office and. Reinhard Heydrich (1904-1942) second in importance to Heinrich Himmler in the Nazi SS organization and the principle planner of the Final Solution. Heydrich Biography Nicknamed The Blond Beast by the Nazis, and Hangman Heydrich by others, Heydrich had insatiable greed for power and was a cold, calculating manipulator without human compassion Heydrich had ruled the Czechs with unsurpassed brutality and was one of the masterminds of the genocide of European Jews. The impact of the killing of Heydrich on the Czech nation was immense, and the legacy of those events 60 years ago has remained controversial to this day. On Monday two exhibitions marking the assassination opened in Prague

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Reinhard Heydrich's family survived the war. He left behind his wife, Lina, who later remarried. She successfully sued the German government for a.. Anonymous Heydrich managed by Anonymous Heydrich last edited 5 Mar 2019 133 Margaretha Heydrich 1620 Blankenloch, Karlsruhe, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany - 24 Aug 1667 managed by Andrea Pack last edited 18 Jan 201

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Re: Reinhard Heydrich family tree I am sincerely beginning to wish I had a dollar for every time I needed to point this out but before we get carried away here what everyone needs to consider is that each and every member of the NSDAP had to have a Ariernachweis (Aryan Certificate) Family Life. His father was opera singer Richard Bruno Heydrich. He married Lina von Osten in 1931. Associated With. He is widely regarded by historians as the cruelest member of the Nazi elite an was referred to by Adolf Hitler himself as the man with the iron heart Lina Mathilde Heydrich-von Osten, born 04-06-1911 on Fehmarn, the daughter of the minor German aristocrat Jürgen von Osten, who worked as a schoolteacher and his wife Mathilde Emilie Hiß. Lina met Reinhard Heydrich in December 1930, and was married 26-12-1931. They had four children. She claimed that she knew nothing about Reinhard Heydrich's crimes committed while he was head of the RSHA.

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Dear Heydrich Family! Honored mourning guests! With the death of SS Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, the Deputy Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, Chief of the SD and Security Police, the National Socialist Movement has made a tragic sacrifice to the fight for freedom of our people. How incomprehensible to us is the thought that this. Heider Heydrich. In 1944 haalt Lina haar tweede zoon Heider, op dat moment negen jaar oud, uit de Hitlerjugend. Ze is bang dat wanneer hij in de Hitlerjugend blijft, hij al snel mee moet vechten in de oorlog en hem hetzelfde lot zal zijn beschoren als zijn vader en broer. Heider groeit op en wordt ingenieur This site tells my family story, dating from 1651 to present. The Headrick family name existed in Germany as early as the 13th Century. An old high German name, it was properly spelled Hadurich, which means Prince of the Battle. Variations in the spelling of the Headrick name include: Hedrick, Heddrich, Heidrick, Heydrich, Hedrich, and Hetrick

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Heydrich almost recovered from his injuries, but a late infection incurred as a result of the shrapnel wounds eventually took his life. The assassination of a top-level Nazi triggered a violent reprisal. Thousands of suspected traitors and sympathizers were arrested, hundreds of them executed without trial. The worst hit was the village of. Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich (Halle, 7 marzo 1904 - Praga, 4 giugno 1942) è stato un generale tedesco.. Considerato uno dei più potenti gerarchi della Germania nazista e da taluni persino come l'uomo più pericoloso del Terzo Reich, Heydrich ebbe sotto il suo controllo l'intero apparato delle SS e fu stretto collaboratore di Heinrich Himmler, che lo mise a capo del. 2. Licensed clinical family and marriage therapist. 3. Certified substance abuse addiction therapist. 4. Certified sex therapist. 5. Certified hypnotherapist 6. Certified neuro-feedback and bio-feedback therapist 7. Certified AVE, CES, tDCS, neuro-devices user specialis Jeugd. De familie Himmler stamt, zo meende Himmlers vader, uit Zwitserland.In Bazel staat een vakwerkhuis dat het Himmlerhuis genoemd wordt. Heinrich Himmler werd als tweede kind van een welgesteld gezin geboren. Zijn vader, Joseph Gebhard Himmler, was directeur van een gymnasium en voedde Heinrich zeer streng op.In de opvoeding van de kinderen speelden het katholicisme en het Beiers.

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Discover the family tree of Johann Peter [Capt] Hedrick\Heydrich* for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry Reinhard Heydrich was born on 7 March 1904 in the German town Halle, and baptized Reinhardt Eugen Tristan.It was his given name of Reinhardt that would become synonymous (besides Auschwitz) with the deportation, mass shooting and systematic slaughter of European Jews and Romanies in Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, and Majdanek. The Heydrich family was one of culture and piety April 12, 202 The Heydrich Equation. Andrew Curry. I f it weren't for a pair of Czech paratroopers, Reinhard Heydrich's name might rank closer to the top of a long list of World War II villains. Tall, blond, blue-eyed, and as cold and unrelenting as Russian winter, Heydrich now seems almost a caricature of the perfect Nazi smithsonianmag.com. September 12, 2018. In 1947, eight-year-old Václav Zelenka returned to the Czech village of Lidice as the last of the town's lost children. Five years earlier, he and the.