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Most of the programmers using it don't really call it modern Object Pascal, we just call it our Pascal. But when introducing the language, I feel it's important to emphasize that it's a modern, object-oriented language. It evolved a lot since the old (Turbo) Pascal that many people learned in schools long time ago. Feature-wise, it's quite similar to C++ or Java or C# Before we go in detail, let's define important Pascal terms related to Object-Oriented Pascal. Object − An Object is a special kind of record that contains fields like a record; however, unlike records, objects contain procedures and functions as part of the object. These procedures and functions are held as pointers to the methods associated with the object's type Object Pascal vytvořili v roce 1985 pro společnost Apple Computer Niklaus Wirth a Larry Tesler a rozšiřoval existující programovací jazyk Pascal o objektově orientovaný přístup. Object Pascal vznikl za účelem vývoje MacApp, aplikačního rozhraní pro počítače Macintosh (dnes bychom spíš řekli knihovny tříd) Object Pascal is a draft for an object oriented ANSI/ISO standard of the venerable Pascal programming language (circa 1989-1990). The draft never made it to a full standard, but some Apple dialects are pretty close to it. Object Pascal is the programming language you use in Delphi

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  1. g is good for creating applications which, like traditional Unix applications, do one thing and do it very well
  2. g) language. It can be used for a vast range of applications, like learning, game development, business applications, Internet applications, communication applications, tools development, and OS kernels
  3. Object Pascal (stejně jako třeba C#) neumí vícenásobnou dědičnost, ale jen vícenásobnou dědičnost rozhraní, anglicky Interface (u nás na Moravě někdy jako meziksicht). První předchůdce musí být následníkem TObject. Vhodným objektem je TInterfacedObject, který má implementované metody pro počítání referencí. Následně je uveden seznam rozhraní, které je nutno implementovat

Free Pascal is a mature, versatile, open source Pascal compiler. It can target many processor architectures: Intel x86 (16 and 32 bit), AMD64/x86-64, PowerPC, PowerPC64, SPARC, SPARC64, ARM, AArch64, MIPS, Motorola 68k, AVR, and the JVM Written in Pascal for Pascal; Cross-platform; Over 200 Components; Extendable through packages; Package Manager with Online Repositry; Many Frameworks; Converts from Delphi code; Regular Release By default, Pascal uses call by value to pass arguments. In general, this means that code within a subprogram cannot alter the arguments used to call the subprogram. The example program we used in the chapter 'Pascal - Functions' called the function named max() using call by value.. Whereas, the example program provided here (exProcedure) calls the procedure findMin() using call by reference

However, object created types can be created on the heap by using the new procedure. Object was introduced in Turbo Pascal, while class was introduced in Delphi. Object is maintained for backward compatibility with Turbo Pascal and has largely been superseded by class. Example skeleton of the creation of the data type object Why I use Object Pascal. Pascal is considered by many programmers as an old language from the past. And although it is in fact one of the older programming languages, it has greatly evolved into a modern, full featured language over the last decades. Pascal was initially developed in 1969 by Dr. Niklaus Wirth on the ETH of Zurich Online Pascal Compiler. Code, Compile, Run and Debug Pascal program online. Write your code in this editor and press Run button to execute it. } program Hello; begin. writeln ('Hello World') end. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Object Pascal Handbook. This newly updated 500-page e-book is a complete guide to the current, modern Object Pascal programming language by best-selling Delphi books author and Delphi Senior Product Manager, Marco Cantú. It's a manual for new and existing Object Pascal developers and covers, among other things, the following

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Object Pascal Programming. Jun 17, 2019. Memória Segura Utilizando Instâncias de Interfaces. Você sabe que ao utilizar instâncias de interfaces não é necessário destruir o objeto manualmente, utilizando o método Free. Isso ocorre por quê instâncias de interfaces possuem uma contagem de referência e, assim, o compilador sabe quando desalocar a. Object Pascal was an object oriented extension of Pascal developed by Apple. The first version of Delphi was evolved from Turbo Pascal. The object oriented features in Turbo Pascal were, rightly, considered not fit for purpose. So Borland developed Delphi 1 and incorporated much of the Apple Object Pascal language Object Pascal is ahead of the curve: Object Pascal inspired many features of other languages such as C# and Java. Anders Hejlsberg, the architect of Turbo Pascal and Delphi, went on to architect C# and TypeScript, receiving the 2001 Dr. Dobb's Excellence in Programming Award. PascalCoin is a cryptocurrency implemented in Object Pascal If a class has a default property, you can access that property with the abbreviation object[index], which is equivalent to object.property[index]. For example, given the declaration above, StringArray.Strings[7] can be abbreviated to StringArray[7]. A class can have only one default property with a given signature (array parameter list), but it is possible to overload the default property

  1. Object Pascal ist eine Sammelbezeichnung für mehrere teilweise miteinander kompatible Programmiersprachen-Derivate, die Pascal um objektorientierte Programmierung erweitern. Die bekannteste Variante ist die Programmiersprache der Entwicklungsumgebung Embarcadero Delphi, die vom Unternehmen Borland entwickelt und zeitweise Delphi Language genannt wurde und mittlerweile auch von anderen.
  2. g Language Some information about Delphi/Object Pascal: Highest Position (since 2001): #6 in Oct 2001. Lowest Position (since 2001): #30 in Jul 202
  3. Object Pascal(オブジェクト パスカル)は、コンピュータのプログラミング言語のひとつ。広義にはPascal言語にオブジェクト指向の概念を導入したものを指し、狭義には統合開発環境 であるDelphiや、コンパイラであるFree Pascalで使用される言語仕様を指す

Object Pascal es una extensión del lenguaje Pascal que se desarrolló en Apple Computer por un equipo dirigido por Larry Tesler en consulta con Niklaus Wirth (inventor de Pascal). Es descendiente de una anterior versión orientada a objetos de Pascal llamado Clascal , que estaba disponible en el equipo de Lisa Object Pascal. Object Pascal is an extension to the Pascal language that was developed at Apple in consultation with Niklaus Wirth, the inventor of Pascal. It is descended from an earlier attempt at an object-oriented version of Pascal called Clascal, which was available on the Lisa computer Today we are taking a look at the long running Castle Game Engine, an engine I have been getting requests to cover for years now. This is an Object Pascal (..

Object Pascalとは. Object Pascalはその名の通り、Pascalにオブジェクト指向言語の概念を取り入れたものですが、これは、主に2つの系統があります。先行して登場したアップル社によるObject Pascalと、それを参考にして開発されたボーランド社によるObject Pascalの系統があります 第1 Object Pascal 期. まず、Pascal にオブジェクト指向が導入される歴史を見てみます。 1983 年、Apple Computer 社が Lisa という PC を開発しているときに、Larry Tesler 氏と Niklaus Wirth 氏(Pascal の生みの親)によって Pascal にオブジェクト指向を導入した Clascal が開発されました

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  1. Delphi Object Pascal pro začátečníky. vložil Radek Červinka 18. května 2010 00:15. Pořád cítím, že bych měl něco napsat i pro začátečníky, kde bych osvětlil některé věci ohledně Object Pascalu, když už se na jejich znalost spoléhám. A tak jsem se podíval do svého archívu a spojil několik útržků textů, které.
  2. Object Pascal má jednu výhodu/nevýhodu, a to, že nerozlišuje VELKÁ či malá písmena! Zkuste si přepsat první řádek programu z unit Unit1 na UNIT UNIT1 a přeložte jej. Chybu překladač samozřejmě neohlásí
  3. Delphi offers modern Object Pascal with native compilers and component libraries for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux. Delphi was originally written by Anders Hejlsberg before he moved to Microsoft to father C# Sharing a common ancestry, C# developers find themselves immediately at home in using Delphi. Full of modern language constructs.

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Object Pascal é uma ramificação de linguagens derivativas de Pascal, com suporte a orientação a objetos.As principais ferramentas para programar em Object Pascal são o IDE Embarcadero Delphi e o Lazarus.Foi usada nas sete primeiras versões do ambiente Delphi. Depois, foi substituído por uma versão também chamada de Delphi The Object Pascal language provides a set of control statements that allows you to conditionally control data input and output. These controls are referred to as loops. A loop is used to execute a statement over and over again, checking a certain condition. The loop executes as long as the condition is true Delphi Object Pascal pro začátečníky vložil Radek Červinka 18. května 2010 00:15 Pořád cítím, že bych měl něco napsat i pro začátečníky, kde bych osvětlil některé věci ohledně Object Pascalu, když už se na jejich znalost spoléhám Object Pascal の文法において、procedure、begin、endなど予め定義されている文字列 は予約語という。予約語と同じ文字列を識別子として宣言することはできない。ライブラ リなどで宣言済みの識別子は、再宣言して既に宣言済みのものとは別のものとして用い

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  1. (The name of SetColor 's parameter, of course, doesn't have to be Value.). When a property is referenced in an expression, its value is read using the field or method listed in the read specifier. When a property is referenced in an assignment statement, its value is written using the field or method listed in the write specifier.. The example below declares a class called TCompass with a.
  2. Download Free Pascal Compiler for free. Free 32/64/16-bit multi-platform Pascal and Object Pascal compiler. A 32/64/16-bit Pascal compiler for Win32/64/CE, Linux, Mac OS X/iOS, Android, FreeBSD, OS/2, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo NDS and DOS; semantically compatible with Delphi, Borland Pascal and Mac Pascal (partially) with extra features, e.g
  3. A down to Earth comparison between Object Pascal and C++ (for a more light-hearted comparison, check out Why Pascal is Better Than C) This article is in response to the ever-prying question, Why program in Pascal when most everyone programs in C? It attempts to summarize the many reasons why choosing Object Pascal over C++ is a sound choice

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Object Pascal cần thiết để hỗ trợ cho MacApp, một phần mở rộng của khung ứng dụng Macintosh mà bây giờ được gọi là thư viện lớp. Phần mở rộng Object Pascal, và chính MacApp, được phát triển bởi Barry Haynes, Ken Doyle, và Larry Rosenstein, và được thử nghiệm bởi Dan Allen Object Pascal Handbook is a thorough guide to Delphi 10.4 Sydney, and comes with free source code for more than 120 demos available on Github. The information in Object Pascal Handbook is structured logically to help newcomers quickly learn the language, while experienced developers can easily benefit from the new, evolved Delphi and make the. Oxygene lets you create applications and projects for all of today's major platforms - with one IDE and one great programming language. Oxygene is built on the foundation of Object Pascal, revamped and extended to be a modern language for the twenty-first century. If you are a Delphi developer, you will be right at home with the Oxygene language

In Object Pascal, string is a compiler-managed type and is reference-counted (if it has to be), i.e., its storage management is handled by the compiler (or more accurately, by the runtime code inserted by the compiler in the executable) my most recent book Object Pascal Handbook. The Complete Guide to the Object Pascal language. Printed version on sale at Amazon.com and other locations Object-Oriented Pascal, what is that? It is important to mention that Python is also an object-oriented programming language, everything apart from control flow in Python is an object. The reason why we refer to Pascal as Object Oriented Pascal, is because the first-comer, original Pascal, is not object oriented, meaning that it does not. Pascal is an open source extension created for Visual Studio Code. While being free and open source, if you find it useful, please consider supporting it. Pascal. It adds support for the Pascal language and its dialects like Delphi and FreePascal. Here are some of the features that Pascal provides

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  1. g students and developers of commercial software products
  2. g language, designed in 1968-1969 and published in 1970 by Niklaus Wirth as a small and efficient language intended to encourage good program
  3. g language, based on the compilers produced by Embarcadero Technologie

Learn Object Pascal Part 2 - Hello World Once installed CodeTyphon run the IDE. Get familiarity with the GUI. From 'Tools' > 'Options' > 'Editor' > 'Display' > 'Colors' you can change the 'Twilight' theme to 'Default'. I do not like the black background when i am writing code The PASCAL VOC project: Provides standardised image data sets for object class recognition. Provides a common set of tools for accessing the data sets and annotations. Enables evaluation and comparison of different methods. Ran challenges evaluating performance on object class recognition (from 2005-2012, now finished Object Pascal Language Guide Borland Software Corporation 100 Enterprise Way, Scotts Valley, CA 95066-3249 www.borland.com Borland® Object Pascal

When comparing Pascal / Object Pascal vs C++, the Slant community recommends C++ for most people. In the question What are the best (productivity-enhancing, well-designed, and concise, rather than just popular or time-tested) programming languages? C++ is ranked 3rd while Pascal / Object Pascal is ranked 32t Quartex Pascal (short: QTX) is an Object Pascal IDE, Compiler and development system. Unlike traditional, native development suites, such as Delphi or Lazarus (Freepascal), QTX generates high-speed JavaScript - allowing developers to tap into web technology and enjoy the full might of modern mobile, desktop and server development. The Quartex. Object Pascal 语言的最大特点是对数据类型的要求非常严谨。传递给过程或函数的参数值必须与形参的类型一致。在Object Pascal 语言中不会看到像C 语言编译器提示的可疑的指针转换等警告信息 Popis. Kniha Učíme se programovat v Delphi a jazyce Object Pascal byla napsána s úmyslem pomoci všem, kdo by rádi pronikli do tajů programování ve stále oblíbeném a zdokonalujícím se vizuálním nástroji. Nemusí se jí obávat ani úplní začátečníci, kteří v Delphi ani v jazyce Pascal dosud neprogramovali, nebo se jim to. Deskew is a command line tool for deskewing scanned text documents. It uses Hough transform to detect text lines in the image. As an output, you get an image rotated so that the lines are horizontal. lazarus delphi pascal utility scanning object-pascal free-pascal deskewing. Updated 7 days ago

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Pascal is stil alive and kicking. What I meant by Pascal is the modern object Pascal programming, not your daddy's Pascal. I've been making many apps for all platforms using (mainly) Free Pascal, with Lazarus IDE (for GUI apps) and VS Code (for non-GUI apps). Modern Pascal can do whatever every other languages out there are able to do Start Programming using Object Pascal is written for programmers who wish to learn Object Pascal. The book is also suitable as a first programming book for new students and non-programmers. It illustrates programming techniques in general in addition to the Object Pascal Language. Object Pascal is a general purpose hybrid (structured and object. A linguagem Object Pascal, pra mim, é como um carro esportivo antigo, como essa imagem do Porsche aí em cima. Esse Porsche — ou quase qualquer outro esportivo antigo — é simples, manual e puro. Você precisa saber o que está fazendo a todo momento. Não há computadores e sensores para lhe ajudar The PASCAL Visual Object Classes (VOC) 2012 dataset contains 20 object categories including vehicles, household, animals, and other: aeroplane, bicycle, boat, bus, car, motorbike, train, bottle, chair, dining table, potted plant, sofa, TV/monitor, bird, cat, cow, dog, horse, sheep, and person. Each image in this dataset has pixel-level segmentation annotations, bounding box annotations, and. Object Pascal(オブジェクト パスカル)は、コンピュータのプログラミング言語のひとつ。 広義にはPascal言語にオブジェクト指向の概念を導入したものを指し、狭義には統合開発環境 (IDE) であるDelphiや、コンパイラであるFree Pascalで使用される言語仕様を指す

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Az Object Pascal a Pascal továbbfejlesztéseként létrejött objektumorientált programozási nyelv, illetve e programozási nyelv különféle dialektusainak összefoglaló neve.Leginkább a Delphi fejlesztőkörnyezet elsődleges nyelveként vált ismertté, amely nyelvi változatot Delphi programozási nyelvként is szokás nevezni Pascal Script for Delphi. Pascal Script is a free scripting engine that allows you to use most of the Object Pascal language within your Delphi or Free Pascal projects at runtime. Written completely in Delphi, it is composed of a set of units that can be compiled into your executable, eliminating the need to distribute any external files These are converted to PASCAL masks (0 = background, 1 = 1st object, 2 = 2nd object, etc.) by (a) setting all values greater than 0 as background, (b) finding the connected components of the foreground and (c) rejecting all components smaller than 100 pixels Object Pascal - obiektowy język programowania, jest obiektowym rozszerzeniem języka Pascal. Pomiędzy językami Pascal i Object Pascal występuje podobna relacja jak w przypadku języków C i C++ (tzn. że Object Pascal jest nadzbiorem Pascala). W języku Object Pascal dodano nie tylko możliwość programowania obiektowego (klasy) ale.

just take a look at what can be done with modern Object Pascal languages. Part 1 - CGI + ExtJs Before continuing, please read what is CGI, and also take a look at ExtJs. From now on, I'll create a CGI program capable of creating JSON responses to an ExtJs frontend. This example, will be compiled with FreePascal 2.5.1. The CG Object Pascal is an extension of the Pascal language that was developed at Apple Computer by a team led by Larry Tesler in consultation with Niklaus Wirth, the inventor of Pascal.It is descended from an earlier object-oriented version of Pascal called Clascal, which was available on the Lisa computer.. Object Pascal was needed in order to support MacApp, an expandable Macintosh application. Programování v jazyce Object Pascal Nejdůležitější příkazy programovacího jazyka Object Pascal, vše na jednom místě, unikátné srovnání a každý příkaz-operátor je znázornen pomocí kousku programu. Příkazy-operátory tychto ukázkových programů jsou klikací, takže s jednoduchým kliknutím máme k dispozici další. Object Pascal není mrtvý, sněte dál. Pascal, potažmo Object Pascal, prohlašovat za mrtvou relikvii je trochu programátorský kolorit. Je to trochu upovídaný programovací jazyk, ale dokážu najít hodně důvodů, proč jej definitivně neodsunout na smetiště dějin a proč v něm řešit některé úlohy. Ano, byl to druhý.

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Object Pascal. Operátory Object Pascal - Operátory Operátoři provádějí nejakou operaci mezi operandy, tato operace může být matematická, logická nebo bitová. Object Pascal Programming. Due to a planned power outage, our services will be reduced today (June 15) starting at 8:30am PDT until the work is complete Object Pascal, nazývaný aj Delphi (čo je však už dnes označenie pre vývojové prostredie) je objektovo orientovaný programovací jazyk založený na jazyku Pascal. Vývojové prostredie, pôvodne určené na vývoj aplikácii v tomto jazyku sa nazýva Delphi.Jazyk je tvorený spoločnosťou Borland (istý čas vystupovala pod menom Inprise, dnes aktivity týkajúce sa Delphi a Object. Online Pascal Compiler. Code, Compile, Run and Debug Pascal program online. Write your code in this editor and press Run button to execute it. end Key features of PascalABC.NET. Several extensions of the Pascal language, including the foreach operator, in-block variable definitions, auto type deduction in variable definitions, simplified syntax of units, method implementations inside classes and records, a new operator for object construction, anonymous classes, auto-classes, BigIntegers etc

L'Object Pascal è un linguaggio di programmazione, estensione object-oriented del linguaggio Pascal, rilasciato da Apple nel 1986 a corredo di MacApp, un framework per lo sviluppo di applicazioni Macintosh. Nello stesso anno viene introdotto da Borland nel suo compilatore Turbo Pascal per Macintosh. Nel 1989 arriva anche su ambiente DOS nella versione 5.5 di Turbo Pascal The memory manager was updated in Delphi 2006 with a faster and more feature rich version. This article explains the differences between the previous and current memory manager and how to leverage the new functionality Int J Comput Vis DOI 10.1007/s11263-009-0275-4 The PASCAL Visual Object Classes (VOC) Challenge Mark Everingham ·Luc Van Gool · Christopher K. I. Williams ·John Winn · Andrew Zisserman Received: 30 July 2008 / Accepted: 16 July 200

Not a direct answer but since you have RAD Studio 10.3 installed, you don't nee VS Code. RAD Studio has his own IDE which is really very powerful not only to write object pascal code, but also to create the user interface incredibly quickly and manage multiple projects each having multiple files Object Pascal Variants; Variants application example; User-Defined Types; Type compatibility and Typecasting; Reviews Your classes were perfect for me. I learned a great deal and was able to write my first company-required application in a little over two hours.. When comparing Pascal / Object Pascal vs C++, the Slant community recommends C++ for most people. In the question What are the best (productivity-enhancing, well-designed, and concise, rather than just popular or time-tested) programming languages? C++ is ranked 3rd while Pascal / Object Pascal is ranked 32t Major Differences Between the Syntax of C++ and Object Pascal From a C++ Programmer's Point of View by Rob Locher This white paper with the academic-sounding title is intended to be a quick reference guide in tabular format for a C++ programmer trying to learn Delphi's Object Pascal This document is an updated version of the classic Object Pascal style guide, originally curated by Charlie Calvert for Borland at the time Delphi was originally released. The updated version has been curated by Delphi Product manager Marco Cantu, with contributions from the internal R&D team, Delphi MVPs, and the Delphi community at large. Inde

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Object Pascal still has manual memory management though, IIRC, which is a large portion of that complexity. emodendroket on Oct 17, 2017. Yeah, I don't have the sense from reading this that I have any idea why I'd prefer Pascal over, say, Java, or C#, unless I liked begin and end blocks more than braces and felt really strongly about it The Object Pascal computer language provides rules for naming items in your program. The name of a variable: Can start with an underscore _ or a letter, lowercase or uppercase, such as a letter from a to z or from A to Z. Examples are Name, gender, _Students, pRic Object Pascal 语言对区分字母的大小写是不敏感的。在编程过程中,最好每个单词的首字母大写,其他字母小写,以便于区分。 4 保留字和指令字. Object Pascal 语言定义了65 个保留字,它们不能被定义为标识符,如表1-3 所示。 表1-3 Object Pascal 语言的保留 OmniPascal - Open Preview. Manage your Delphi and Free Pascal code with Visual Studio Code. For Windows, Mac and Linux! www.omnipascal.com. Quick Star An object-oriented Pascal developed jointly by Apple Computer and Niklaus Wirth. . This article is provided by FOLDOC - Free Online Dictionary of Computing Explanation of Object Pascal. Object Pascal | Article about Object Pascal by The Free Dictionary

Object Pascal is a beautifully designed language. One of its great virtues is its readability. These standards are designed to enhance that readability of Object Pascal code. When developers follow the simple conventions laid out in this guide, they will be promoting standards that benefit all Delphi developers by using a uniform style that. Object-oriented debugging covers modifications to Turbo Debugger to support Turbo Pascal 5.5, including Object Inspectors and the Object Hierarchy window. * Chapter 3: Turbo Pascal 5.5 language definition contains the formal definition of all object-oriented extensions to Turbo Pascal. * Chapter 4: Overlays discusses improvements to the Turb Essential Pascal by Marco Cantu is a good free reference for learning Pascal, Object Pascal and Delphi. It was written back in 2000, but is still a good starting place. If you want the latest reference on book, the Object Pascal Handbook by Marco Cantu, you can get it free with the free trial of Delphi 10 Seattle Before we go to far here, I just found something that is intriguing. I copied the project files to a different folder, renamed them, saved them from the Lazarus environment to the new folder and now the project compiles, creates the exe and runs

Object Pascal är en utveckling av programspråket Pascal som utökar det till ett objektorienterat programspråk. Språket Pascal är, liksom C, imperativt och saknar stöd för objektorienterad programmering som idag tagit över mycket av marknaden vilket uppmuntrade utvecklingen av Object Pascal. Programspråket utvecklades på Apple av Larry Tesler och är influerat av programspråket. I-Pascal Version. v. 2.80 (Jun , 2020) Menu. What's new? Installation. I-Pascal - a modern open source Object Pascal IDE for effective Pascal development based on excellent IntelliJ IDEA. Menu. Analyze 21 Object Pascal jobs available on Indeed.com. Apply to Software Engineer, Biostatistician, System Programmer and more Object Pascal is an object-oriented derivative of Pascal mostly known as the primary programming language of Borland Delphi.It is also known as the Delphi programming language when describing the dialect used by Borland Delphi. Borland used the name Object Pascal for the programming language in the first versions of Borland Delphi, but later renamed it to the Delphi programming language. Object Pascal là một phần mở rộng của ngôn ngữ Pascal vốn được phát triển tại Apple Computer bởi một nhóm do Larry Tesler đứng đầu với sự tham vấn của Niklaus Wirth, là người tạo nên ngôn ngữ Pascal.Nó xuất phát từ một phiên bản hướng đối tượng của Pascal có tên gọi Clascal, được cài sẵn trên máy tính Lisa

新しいDelphiのObject Pascal スタイルガイド. Embarcaderoは、言語スタイルガイドの更新版をdocwikiサイトで公開しました。. このドキュメントは、最新のDelphi言語機能と、コーディングスタイルの変更をカバーするために更新されています。. ここ数ヶ月、今日の. In this post I describe one of the quirks of serializing JSON.NET JObject (contract resolvers are not honoured), and show how to get camelCase names when serializing a JObject that stored its property names in PascalCase.. Background - using JObject for dynamic data. I was working with some code the other day that stored objects in PostgreSQL using the built-in JSON support Object Pascal Brasil. 969 likes. Ajude-nos a te ajudar Object Pascal verwijst naar een tak van objectgeoriënteerde Pascalvarianten, en is vooral bekend als de belangrijkste programmeertaal van Delphi.Pascalcompilers, waaronder die voor Object Pascal, zijn doorgaans erg snel en produceren sterk geoptimaliseerde code Object Pascal is an extension to the programming language Pascal that provides object-oriented programming (OOP) features such as classes and methods. The language was originally developed by Apple Computer as Clascal for the Lisa Workshop development system. As Lisa gave way to Macintosh, Apple collaborated with Niklaus Wirth, the author of.

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